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FibreGlass clear
FibreGlass clear

BEAUTYLINE Builder-Gel FibreGlass clear 15ml

Item number: 440162432503
MADE IN GERMANY developed, produced and filled in Germany

Description BEAUTYLINE
Premium quality UV Gel for nails with adhesion problems. Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to EU Cosmetics regulatory. All types are Acid free

Bonding-Gel clear
• Viscosity: thin
• UV Gel for the ground (first step), for a perfect adhesion

Builder-Gel FibreGlass clear
• Viscosity: medium
• With very small, invisible Fiber Glass particles for thin application and long durability.
• For natural nails, tips and modeling forms.

Builder-Gel FibreGlass rose
• Viscosity: medium / thick
• Ensure long durability.
• Thixotropic Builder Gel, non-yielding but easy to apply For natural nails, tips and modeling forms.

French-Gel makeup rouge
• Viscosity: medium
• Camouflage Gel for a evenly nail bed

French-Gel makeup natural
• Viscosity: medium
• Camouflage Gel for a evenly nail bed

French Gel extra white
• Viscosity: medium
• For a very thin French manicure.

Finish-Gel klar
• Viscosity: medium
• UV Gel with a light blue touch.
• To seal the nails for a perfect shine