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dark nude-pink metallic
dark nude-pink metallic
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magenta-white metallic
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turquoise-white metallic
anthracite-white metallic
anthracite-white metallic

Effect-Gel 5ml Thermo dark nude-pink metallic

Item number: 440162433524
  • LED ~ 30 sec | UV ~ 120 sec
  • Incredible color gradients
  • Chameleon-like colour effect
  • Temperature-dependent colour play
  • Stable & medium viscosity - Easy processing
  • Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation

The unique thermo color gel turns your nails into a glorious play of colours.

The variation of colours the thermocrome color gels depends on change of temperature. The colour pigments consisting of micro capsules, change colours reversibly. As soon as the nail has reached a temperature between 30°- 31° C the colour changes into a different colour.
The moment the temperature drops it turns into the initial colour. They can be used on artificial tips only. To get the complete effect we suggest a full-cover-modelage.

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