The key principle of the EU cosmetics regulation 1223/2009: Every person or company as the ‘Responsible Person’ who places a cosmetic product on the EU market is responsible for this product. We could take over this role and ensure that all products are compliant with the EU cosmetics regulation. 

All Gel, Polish and Liquid products you purchase at European Nail Shop are being produced in Germany and meet the EU regulations. If your labeling adds us as the Responsible Person, you’re ready to launch - we have already handled all the paperwork for you:

  • Product Information File
  • Cosmetics Safety Assessment
  • Product Labeling and Claims
  • Material Safety data sheet
  • CPNP Notification

If you want to act as the Responsible Person yourself, our consulting services help you fulfil all of the regulatory requirements posed by the EU cosmetics regulation and consequently enable you to launch our products under your own brand on the EU market.