Tolga Güngör
Heinerich Kappl
Warehouse Worker

Responsible for:
- Warehouse logistics
- Quality management
- Shipping

Actually, Mr. Kappl is a trained baker and after training he worked in different occupations and companies. He has gained 4 years of experience in logistics in the industrial and catering industry. He has been strengthening our team in logistics since he started 2017. Through his many years of experience, he brings with him the necessary know-how.

Uwe W. Göldner
CEO & Founder
Marko Wegner
COO & Warehouse Manager
Ralf Fuhrmann
IT System Administrator
Antonia Flechsig
Web Developement & Marketing
Michaela Samelova
Key Account Manager
Janine Wegner
Account Manager
Ulrich Göhler
Warehouse Associate
Daniel Eberlein
Warehouse Worker
Heinerich Kappl
Warehouse Worker