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UV gels, UV polishgel and liquids - Made in Germany - are available in various packaging and bulk. All developed, produced and bottled according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Made in Germany

Gele Lacke Liquids - These products have been developed, produced and bottled in Germany by experts and thus comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Strict product selection with an experienced team of experts

Preselection of the best manufacturers in the world. You choose of reliable products at reasonable prices. Since we only supply professional companies, making your decisions and purchase simple - your satisfaction with the selection, prices, service and delivery options are our top priority.


We generally waive discounts to have stable low prices

Reliable - sustained calculated - low prices make it easy for all of us. Without costly offers and price comparisons always buy at a low price. In the European Nail Shop, thanks to the permanent price, you can shop every day for a good price and you do not have to be watch for short-term offers.

Our special long-term price at a glance:

  • Permanently low prices
  • Reliable validity of the prices
  • No short-term special offers


We take care of your growth

By keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, we help you grow your business. In the European Nail Shop you have permanent access to innovative products, expert advice and more than just a simple wholesaler of nail design products. We help you to develop your business permanently.


Vegan nail design products without animal testing

Our gels, paints and liquids are since 2004: Without animal suffering and without animal products! Otherwise we are a vegetarian and animal friendly brand. Here we explain what makes the difference between a vegetarian and vegan product and why our products are animal friendly.

Vegetarian nail design products are free of any animal ingredients that require the slaughter of an animal. Vegetarian products may contain ingredients such as shellac or animal hair, which are of animal origin but no animal needs to die.

Vegan products contain no animal ingredients

In more than 80% of countries, there are still no legal regulations prohibiting animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. In the European Union since 2013 it is forbidden to sell products, which were previously tested on animals. To ensure that our products meet these criteria, we proactively control our suppliers worldwide.