Cat Eye Magnet BothSided

Item number: 4203281
  • Double magnet for individual cat eye nail designs
  • Rectangular magnet for straight course - round magnet for individual shapes
  • Strong magnet for expressive courses and shapes
  • Easy to use - Also suitable for beginners
  • In no time at all - Cat Eye effect is immediately visible
  • Pigment applicator for applying Chrome powder
  • 2 sponge sizes
  • Evenly apply
  • Washable

Samples and matching accessories :

Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet blue

Item number: 6104801001

Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet green

Item number: 6104801002

Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet purple

Item number: 6104801003

Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet red

Item number: 6104801004

Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet silver

Item number: 6104801005

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