Highline Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet purple

Item number: 6104802003


Highline Effect-Gel 5ml Cat Eye Magnet: purple

  • Gel with magnetic pigments for the trendy cat's eye effect
  • Processed as a full-cover so that the light reflex comes to its full characteristic
  • The finishing is done with a special magnet
  • LED ~ 60 sec | UV ~ 120 sec - Easy to process even for beginners
  • Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to the Cosmetics Directive

With the cat eye magnet effect gel and a corresponding cat eye magnet, you can design the trendy cat eye effect in no time at all. The medium-viscosity Cat Eye Effect-Gel is provided with fine magnetic pigments, which conjures up the effect of luminous cat's eyes on the nails.

LED ~ 60 sec UV ~ 120 sec

Note: The application of the gel requires a Cat Eye Magnet.

  • For an ideal result, stir the Cat Eye Color Gel briefly before each use so that the magnetic particles are evenly distributed.
  • After applying nail modeling, thinly apply the effect gel to the fingernail with a brush and cure under UV or LED light.
  • Now comes the exciting cat eye effect: After applying a second layer of the color gel, hold the Cat Eye magnet in the desired position over the fingernail at a distance of 2 to 3 mm for about 5 to 10 seconds. The cat's eye effect is immediately visible and can now be cured for 120 seconds under the UV or 60 seconds under LED light.
  • Seal and finish the impressive Cat Eye Look!