Nail Dust Vacuum Basic white

Item number: 440202488891


  • Length 280 mm x Width 180 mm x Height 115 mm

Technical data:

  • Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Output 30 W
  • Class IP20

The Basic white dust extractor has a soft and pleasant surface that can be cleaned with standard disinfectants without hesitation thanks to the easy-care surface. With this unit, you get a highly efficient dust extractor that will ensure a clean work table. The cotton filter bag inside the dust extractor can be cleaned under running water. However, you will also receive a replacement bag. The device is easy to operate by means of a pressure switch and a very quiet fan is installed. Thanks to its dimensions, the Basic dust extractor takes up little space in the workplace.


  • White


  • Length 290 mm x Width 280 mm x Height 140 mm
  • Ventilation exhaust opening with protective grid 110 mm diameter

Technical data:

  • Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Output 40 W
  • Volume Level approx 41db

Samples and matching accessories :

Replacement Bag Nail Dust Vacuum Basic
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