Nail Foil Design 007

Item number: 440024785007

The trend of Hollywood stars - you stick to paint instead. With the ultra-thin films one is always perfectly styled to any outfit.


  1. Filing your nails as usual in the form and push back the cuticles. Then degrease the nails with the best cleaner.
  2. Select the appropriate size transparencies.
  3. Drag the slide with the strap of the carrier film. Place the rounded end with a little distance from the cuticle to the nail right on. You can replace the film again until it fits perfectly.
  4. If the film is positioned correctly, you emphasize it to the nail tip smooth.
  5. The rest of the film, which projects beyond the edge of the nail, gently file off the file down.
  6. DONE. Now to seal and liability for the better if painted over.


  • Do not close please use airtight foil to prevent drying out
  • To remove the foil from the nail pull off easily


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