Paraffin Wax Orange

Item number: 440202488831
  • Made in Germany
  • 400g
  • There is nothing better for your skincare and especially for your handcare.
  • The result is immediately noticeable!
  • The paraffin wax moisturizes dry, cracked skin and at the same time provides relief for stiff joints and muscle fatigue.
  • Many neurodermatitis and rheumatism sufferers already know the paraffin bath and appreciate its benefits.
  • During paraffin treatment, the hands or feet are immersed in a special paraffin warmer.
  • The paraffin coating of the hands causes the pores of the skin to open immediately, similar to sweating in the sauna.
  • The moisture produced remains in the skin, dry tissue immediately becomes firm and soft.
  • The fragrance is achieved exclusively with essential oils.

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