StiLED-micro LED WorkPlace Lamp

Item number: 4203284
  • Three brightness levels, switchable via touch sensor
  • Matt aluminum finish
  • Matte aperture for an even illumination
  • USB power caple incl. grid adaptor
  • Attachment with suction cup foot
  • 36 backlit LED

Three different brightness modes and its flexible adjustment make the table lamp StiLED Micro the perfect companion at your table or working desk.
The big-sized suction cup in the bottom of the lamp enables the attachment to every flat, smooth surface, e.g. tiles, lacquered tabletops or glass. The clamping device of the suction cup make for a tight fixure and is easily to declamp.
The low power consumption and the supply via USB enables the table lamp StiLED Micro to be driven by a free USB(3) port e.g. to operate on a PC.
The 36 backlit LED make an constant and bright illumination of your working place, despite the low power consumption of only 5W.


  • Socket diameter: 8,5cm
  • Overall lenght: approx 74cm

Technical data:

  • 5W / 36 backlite LED

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