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soft white
soft white

MASTERLINE French-Gel soft white 5ml

Item number: 6108302003
  • Stable gel with ultra-precise processing
  • Soft white with a milky white finish
  • For a perfect natural French tip
  • Can be applied with Brush or Spot Swirl
  • LED ~ 30 sec | UV ~ 120 sec

The Masterline French-Gel white is best suited for the French manicure. Thanks to this gel, a natural French tip can be modeled. The gel can be applied with a brush or a spot swirl. Thanks to its stability, a perfect smile line can be worked out.

The French gel has novel thixotropic features which guarantee a masterly processing. Thixotropic means that this gel is very stable in the jar and only becomes creamier when the brush is applied. So you can apply exactly where you want the gel on the nail. As long as it is in motion, it is easier to model. Once the gel on the nail is at a standstill, it is again stable and remains in place. Thus the gel does not run into the nail edges.

LED ~ 30 sec UV ~ 120 sec

The gel is best applied and modeled with a special, fine brush, typically with a special French instrument, or spot swirl. The fine tips of the special instruments allow you to retract the French line more easily and fill the tip with the gel. Also suitable for the job on a build-up gel. In the last step the gel has to be sealed.

Samples and matching accessories :

MASTERLINE Sample 10 x 5ml

Item number: A6108302001