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Color-Gel 5ml French rose

Item number: 440162432003
  • LED ~ 30 sec | UV ~ 120 sec
  • For Full Cover, French and Nail Art Modelling
  • Brilliant color intensity and long lasting high gloss
  • Easy to process - medium viscosity gel with optimal performance
  • Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation

LED / UV curing color gels with a high-gloss formula and a perfect covering even if applied once. The medium-viscosity gels enable a thin application and a color-intensive and streak-free result. The high pigmentation of the gels ensures intensive color brilliance, even in the case of bright tones. The easy to use honey effect facilitates the application of the color gels and ensures a smooth color surface. Processing in two thin layers is also possible. The color gels can be applied as full cover, French or nail art with a brush or a swirl.

Cures in 30 seconds - LED
Cures in 120 seconds - UV

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