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Mirror Chrome Pigment 1g blue ocean - bottled

Item number: 4202341

To achieve a Chrome or mirror effect.

  • Nails shine like a mirror
  • For a perfect Chrome look
  • Nailart elegant and noble
  • Available in many attractive colors

Important: Please note, the Mirror Chrome powder is very fine and it’s impossible to avoid that the powder leaks out of the jar. We recommend to seal the jar with an adhesive tape before selling.

​​​​​Application Mirror Chrome Powder

1. Step
Apply color gel as a base color –the best black- and cure.

2. Step
Apply and cure sealer nail polish without sticky layer. - for example: Premiumline UV Finish Fluid elastic

3. Step
Use sparingly Mirror Chrome powder with eyeshadow applicator on the sealer layer. Important: Only a few powder. The sealer layer have not been cooled!

4. Step
Rub with the eyeshadow sponge firm the Mirror Chrome powder on the sealer layer, than the mirror chrome effect arises.

5. Step
Apply and cure sealer nail polish without sticky layer. - for example UV heat & dry top coat

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