Camouflage-Gel 5ml milky

Item number: 440104000605


Camouflage-Gel 5ml: milky

  • Viscous with an absolutely natural look and high yield
  • Optimum consistency for sculpting and easy application
  • Smooth application without ridges, irregularities or shadows
  • Keratin bonding for a perfect bond to the natural nail
  • Apply in very thin coats
  • No burning or tightening sensations
  • Ideal for sculpting over tips
  • Also for strengthening fingernails and toenails
  • Developed, produced and bottled according EU cosmetic regulation - Made in Germany
Camouflage Gel also called Cover-Gel or Make Up Gel is a Builder gel, with skin-colored pigments and thereby almost covers the nail. Camouflage Gel is used to lengthen the nail bed visually and to compensate for discoloration and unevenness.