Camouflage-Gel 5ml rouge

Item number: 440104000305


Camouflage-Gel 5ml: rouge

Bumps and stains on the nail plate are past our make up camouflage gel series. It hides every redness and every spot, so you get an even nail. If you have a small nail bed, you can use a lighter shade to make the nail bed look bigger. The camouflage gel is the perfect solution for well-groomed and natural fingernails.

  • Builder ball with skin-colored pigments
  • Beautification of the nail bed
  • Cover discoloration
  • Delicate and healthy tint
  • UV + LED suitable
  • Made in Germany - developed, produced and bottled according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation
  • Viscous with an absolutely natural look and high yield
  • Optimum consistency for sculpting and easy application
  • Smooth application without ridges, irregularities or shadows
  • Keratin bonding for a perfect bond to the natural nail
  • Apply in very thin coats
  • No burning or tightening sensations
  • Ideal for sculpting over tips
  • Also for strengthening fingernails and toenails
  • Developed, produced and bottled according EU cosmetic regulation - Made in Germany